Hospital redevelopment

3Ts (Trauma, Teaching and Tertiary care) redevelopment project at the Royal Sussex County site, Brighton

Site visits for staff

Staff from Rheumatology, Fracture Clinic and Non-Invasive Cardiology have been visiting their services’ new homes in the 3Ts Stage 1 Building. Find out what they think from inside the building itself.

3Ts Redevelopment

Between now and the opening of the 3Ts Redevelopment’s Stage 1 Building in the spring of 2023, we’ll be sharing interesting facts and information about the new building every week. 

Previous facts can be viewed on our Did you know page.

Latest updates: did you know ?

Did you know.. The Stage 1 Building will be the new home for the wards and many of the services from the oldest acute hospital building in the NHS, the Barry Building.

The replacement wards in the Stage 1 Building will have five times as much space per patient. There will be ample storage, and all the facilities that are needed to offer patients modern care in a comfortable environment.

The Barry Building took its first patients in 1828, 20 years before Florence Nightingale started nursing. It had room for 72 patients and used cold salt-water bathing as one of its main treatments. The water used to be brought up from the sea by horse and cart in large barrels.

The Stage 1 Building will open in 2023 and will see tens of thousands of patients each year for hundreds of different treatments, none of which use sea water. Most of the patient rooms in the new wards will, however, have a sea view.

Did you know?…You can take a peek at a completed four bed bay and ward reception area online.

Project overview

The 3Ts Redevelopment is replacing all the buildings on the front half of the Royal Sussex County Hospital. In their place will be two brand new clinical buildings and a much needed service and logistics yard. The project is also providing a helideck for air ambulances on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower, which is at the heart of the the hospital. From there our most severely injured and unwell patients can be taken directly to A&E via a dedicated lift.

The project is being carried out in three stages. This ensures that all our clinical services can continue to run on site during construction. We are currently working on Stage 1 and the helideck.

When complete, the new buildings will provide spacious, well resourced and modern facilities for patients and staff in more than 40 wards and departments. It will also have replaced the oldest acute ward building in the NHS, the Barry Building, which cared for patients since 1828. 

Stage 1 of the redevelopment includes a new Welcome Space, running the entire length of the building. The will provide ample space for everyone and a high quality retail outlet. The Welcome Space will be accessible from the main road outside the hospital and from the new car park under the building.

The redevelopment is taking the front half of the hospital from the 19th to 21st Century in a decade. We are at an exciting time, there is about six months to go until Stage 1 of the redevelopment is complete.

Progress update on Stage 1 (as of 15 August 2022)

Stage 1 Building

The Stage 1 Building stands on the south-east quarter of the Royal Sussex County Hospital site. It is the first of the two new clinical buildings that the 3Ts Redevelopment will provide. Work on it is nearing completion. It will be handed over to us before the end of the year and will start taking patient services early in 2023.

With about 6 months to go until it opens we are asking members of the public to help us find the right name for Stage 1. There is a dedicated web page where anyone can Share A Name for the new building. The closing date to Share A Name is Sunday 28th August. The building’s new name will be unveiled towards the end of the year.

We’ve been taking our staff to view the new homes for their services in Stage 1. For many of them it is the first time they have seen the building in person. There has been a real sense of excitement about what it has to offer patients and the staff who care for them. If you would like to hear from our staff first-hand, please see the reaction video at the top of this page. It is being updated regularly and all of them are being shared on our social media channels.

We’ve recently had the privilege of hosting some of our local MPs on a tour of Stage 1 and have also invited the media in for their first look around. The interior of the building is really taking shape now, looking less like a construction site and more like a working hospital.

We are deep into planning how we commission the building when it is handed over to us towards the end of the year. Before it opens to patients we will go round and test all the facilities, from light switches to MRIs and train staff on any new equipment installed in the building. Once this is complete we will start moving patient services in early in 2023.


The helideck has been built on top of the Thomas Kemp Tower in the middle of the hospital site. It will allow the most severely injured and unwell patients to be brought directly to the hospital by air ambulance. Currently they land in East Brighton Park and patients are transferred by road ambulance to the hospital.

We are carrying out enabling and safety works around the helideck that include commissioning the helideck and the support facilities beneath it. Once these works are complete the Civil Aviation Authority will be asked to approve the helideck for operational use. This will include trial landings on the deck.

Key benefits of the redevelopment

  • Improved hospital experience for hundreds of thousands of patients and visitors every year.
  • New, state of the art, facilities for more than 40 wards and departments.
  • 200 inpatient beds moved from 19th century buildings into brand new accommodation.
  • 65% of the beds in the new buildings in single, en-suite rooms. The rest will be in single sex, four bedded bays.
  • Increased capacity for the departments with highest demand, including Cancer Services, Neurosciences, Stroke Services and Intensive Care.
  • Up-to-date facilities for the hospital’s Major Trauma Centre.
  • A new helideck for air ambulances to land on the hospital site, rather than in East Brighton Park.
  • Dedicated patient and visitor parking directly beneath the new buildings.
  • Easier for everyone to get around the hospital site from the spacious new entrance hall.
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