Patient First

Patient First is our long-term approach to transforming hospital services for the better.

It’s a process of continuous improvement that is all about giving frontline staff the freedom to identify opportunities for positive, sustainable change and the skills to make it happen.

the first non-specialist acute trust in the country to be rated Outstanding in all areas

CQC inspection of Western Sussex Hospitals

Patient First helped Western Sussex Hospitals become the first non-specialist acute trust in the country to be rated Outstanding in all areas inspected by the independent Care Quality Commission (CQC). And it was behind the jump in Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals’ CQC rating from Inadequate to Good (and to Outstanding for Caring) that has made it the fastest-improving acute trust in England.

This shared philosophy has helped bring the two organisations closer together over the four years for which we have been working in partnership.

It’s one of the main reasons why our merger makes such practical sense and will continue to guide our efforts to keep improving services for patients at the new University Hospitals Sussex trust.

the fastest-improving acute trust in England

cqc inspection of brighton & Sussex university hospitals

The Patient First Triangle

We use the Patient First Triangle to explain how the programme works.

That starts with the purpose, mission and values of the new trust – our core focus (the patient first and foremost), what we strive to achieve (excellent care every time) and the ideals that guide everything we do.

These values were selected by our staff, patients and public when we were talking about the merger and the sort of organisation we want University Hospitals Sussex to be. They are:

  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Inclusion 
Patient first triangle 2021 with guides

The triangle then sets out the five strategic themes with which we align our work to make sure we are focused on our True North of constantly improving standards of care:

  • Sustainability
  • Our people
  • The patient
  • Quality
  • Systems and partnerships

Finally, it highlights the strong foundations that underpin these efforts and are the key enablers of improvement activity within each strategic theme:

  • Sustainability: Our environmental strategy
  • Our people: Leadership, culture and development
  • The patient: Our Patient First Improvement Programme
  • Quality: Our Clinical Strategy
  • Systems and Partnerships: The 3Ts hospital development programme

There’s overwhelming evidence that patients receive better care in hospitals where staff are motivated and feel they are able to make a difference.

That’s why University Hospitals Sussex will keep investing in Patient First to empower its people and support them in making the changes they know will improve services for patients and each other.

If you’d like to know more about Patient First, why not join us as a member and hear from staff about the improvements they are making through our newsletter and special events.

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