Patient First STAR Awards 2022

  • STAR Awards 2022

Patient First STAR Awards 2022

Nominations for our 2022 Patient First STAR Awards are now open!

Our annual award ceremony is for our hardworking staff and volunteers who embody the ideals of our Patient First programme, which is focused on building the culture and systems we need to continue improving and re-thinking the way we work to make sure all our patients receive the same excellent standards of care every time they need us.

If you or a loved one have experienced outstanding care from an individual or team, then please do nominate them for a STAR Award.

Each of this year’s award categories reflects one or more of the qualities behind that ambition, from kindness and compassion to innovation, commitment and exemplary standards of care on the frontline and within our support services.

The Patient First STAR Awards are proudly funded by Love Your Hospital and BSUH Charity, the dedicated charities of University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust.

How to nominate

The nomination process is quick and easy!

Step 1: Review the award categories

Step 2: Decide who you would like to nominate and what category suits the nomination best

Step 3: Complete the nomination form for each individual submission you wish to make.

Award categories

Mentor of the Year

This award is for team leaders and managers committed to the professional development of their colleagues or who regularly use coaching techniques to empower others.

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Environmental Sustainability Champion

This award is for staff helping to ensure the sustainability of the Trust’s quality of care, services, finances, achievements or reputation, and assisting it to adapt to future challenges.

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Innovator of the Year

This award is for staff initiating or leading positive change, including new techniques, systems and partnerships, in line with the vision ‘where better never stops’.

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Clinical Team of the Year

This award is for a team that has triumphed in the face of adversity, or pulled together to maintain care, quality or performance in defiance of extraordinary pressures.

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Support Service of the Year

This award recognises a team whose work plays a key role in supporting the trust to deliver outstanding care and service to patients, staff and visitors.

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Compassionate Care

This award is for staff who go beyond normal expectations to care for patients with exceptional kindness, dignity and respect, epitomising the Trust’s vision.

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Volunteer of the Year

This award is for volunteers who have made a major difference to a patient, relative, colleague or team through their community-spirited commitment to serving their local hospital.

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Hospital Hero

This award is for staff who are the jewel in their team, whose drive, enthusiasm or good sense of humour inspires those around them, especially at times of difficulty or stress.

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Charities’ champions

This award is for staff and volunteers that have supported the charities, Love you Hospital and BSUH Charity, with their time, resource and expertise as well as fundraising to raise money for our hospitals.

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When completing the form, please ensure all information is correct and double checked before submitting your entry. Please only submit one form per entry.

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