Mental wellbeing support for staff

Find out about the staff support on offer for your mental and emotional wellbeing including courses, webinars, support lines and more.

Supporting your mental wellbeing

View our staff mental health instruction video and stress management resources to encourage discussions and understand how we can help and support each other.

In-house counselling and listening services

Self-refer to our staff mental health support services and view our self-help guides and worksheets.

External support services and helplines

Access support and advice from charities and online learning sessions.

Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work (CPDSO Accredited)

In-house mental health and wellbing training for managers or staff with leadership responsibilities.

Meditation and hypnotherapy

Access free and discounted sessions with approved clinical practitioners.

Self Help Resources

Help and support is available for staff through local charities and resources via our intranet pages.

Suicide awareness

Don't suffer alone. If you need immediate attention and are having actively suicidal thoughts our mental health liaison team are here to talk to you.

Check Out

The Check Out campaign aims to improve awareness of the psychological impact a stressful incident at work has on staff and to encourage people to access support.

Domestic abuse and sexual violence support

Abuse can happen to anyone either through a single event or repeatedly, however, it isn’t uncommon for a survivor not to disclose their experience or have no physical injuries.

Violence, Prevention and Reduction (VPR)

Violence toward NHS colleagues can have a devastating and lasting impact on health and wellbeing.