Infection Prevention Control: Help us keep our patients, staff and visitors safe from infection in our hospitals

Staff Networks

We are committed to equality. Our staff run networks include those for LGBTQI+, Disability, Black, Asian and minority ethnic, carers and armed forces. All staff are welcome to join.

Equality and diversity

Find out how we act on our commitments to promoting equality and valuing difference.

Armed Forces Community

We support our Armed Forces and commit to helping members of the armed forces community to have fair access to our services.

Carers network and support

Our carers network and support aims to improve the quality of life of carers by offering a wide range of services and local resources.

Disabled Staff Network

Our Disabled Staff Network is for all members of staff at UHSussex who define themselves as having a disability whether that be hidden or not.

LGBTQI+ Staff Network

Our LGBTQ+ networks make sure our colleagues and patients are protected and represented at UHSussex.

Religion and Belief Network

We support our staff at UHSussex and encourage all colleagues and patients in their spiritual wellbeing.

Trans and Non-Binary Group (TNB)

Our trans and non-binary group networks help create an inclusive culture that values diversity and celebrate differences.

BAME Staff Network

Safe space, Opportunity equity and empowerment, Amplify voices, Re-dress the balance (SOAR).

NHS Retirement Fellowship

The NHS Retirement Fellowship is for retired NHS and social care staff. It provides a bridge between life in employment and new opportunities in retirement.

Trust Ambassador

The Trust Ambassador supports our colleagues, whilst promoting our Patient First values and cultures.

Health and wellbeing network

Quarterly group meeting for staff members who are interested in health and wellbeing at the Trust. Information and updates via Teams.

Women’s network

The Women’s network is an important way for UHSussex to create a safe environment for members to come together, make connections and share experiences.