Philips CPAP recall

Philips is recalling its CPAP machines manufactured before April 2021. The product names are System One, DreamStation and Remstar Auto.

Our teams distribute these machines to patients who need them, so we’re contacting everyone with an affected machine to let them know. We are also making a note of each machine’s serial number. This will help us arrange replacement of the machines when Philips provides replacements.

We are trying to call every patient with an affected machine to let them know what is happening and answer any questions. We are following this up with a letter that explains the situation and next steps. We know it helps our patients to have information they can refer to.

The fault

There have been cases where the foam used to muffle the noise the machine makes has started to break down. In some rare cases, some particles of the foam have got into a patient’s throat and breathed in or swallowed.


Philips has told us that causes are high temperatures, high humidity and using abrasive cleaning products.


All patients who use CPAP therapy should continue to use their machines. The fault is extremely rare and the risk to your health is far greater from stopping therapy than from this rare fault.

As soon as Philips tells us when replacement machines will be available, we will let affected patients know.

If you have questions about the recall, please read our frequently asked questions first. If your question isn’t answered, please call us on [tel no] or email [email address] and we will be happy to help.