About us

Research is essential in finding out which treatments work better for our patients.

Why we do research

Many of our patients take part in research studies that look to assess new treatments, devices or techniques against current standards of care to identify the best ways of looking after patients and keeping people healthy.

What is research

Research is exploring which treatments work better for patients; we already know a lot about health, disease and medicines, but there is much more to find out. Research can answer these uncertainties.

Our research facilities

We have the expertise and facilities to enable the delivery of a wide variety of research projects.

Current research

University Hospitals Sussex supports a wide range of research, across all of our sites, in keeping with our clinical strategy and other strategic aims of the Trust.

Our research background and vision

Research is vital in providing the evidence we need to transform health services and improve patient outcomes.

Our research performance

We ensure studies are set up on time, recruit to target and are delivered more efficiently as a key objective.

Research and Innovation Strategy 2023-2028

Our new Research and Innovation Strategy sets out our five-year ambitions for healthcare research and innovation within the Trust and for the people of Sussex in support of our vision of providing excellent care, every time for all our patients.