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It’s time to find the permanent name for the new building at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and we would like your help, please. 

The new building will be home to 32 wards and departments. It will be the new main entrance to the hospital and more than 1 million people a year will pass through its doors.

Between now and Sunday 28th August you can tell us, right here, your idea for the building’s name and why you think it should be chosen. You can #ShareAName as an individual or as the representative of a group or club.

Things to think about

Suggestions should be no more than three words long. Please try to make them relevant to Sussex as a whole, and think about something that will be meaningful to the broad range of people that the hospital serves. 

We can’t borrow names that are already used for public buildings elsewhere in Sussex, and whilst we enjoy a chuckle as much as anyone, names like Hospital McHospital Face won’t make it through the selection process, I’m afraid.

How will the name be chosen?

Every suggestion that meets the criteria above, will be reviewed by a diverse group of staff. Those that are judged to be the best suggestions will go forward for consideration by the Trust Board, who will make the final decision.

Why have you asked for my name and contact details?

You don’t have to fill those boxes in if you don’t want to. However, we are going to unveil the new name towards the end of the year. If your suggestion is chosen, we would like to invite you along on the day to take part.

Your details will only be used for this purpose and if your suggestion is not successful, we will delete you information straight away. Suggesting a name will not affect your care at the hospital in any way.

Share The News Around

Everyone is welcome to Share A Name with us for the new building, so please do encourage family, friends and colleagues to get involved.


You can find out more about our new hospital redevelopment on our web page.