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UHSussex has a worldwide reputation for excellence in cardiac care. We use pioneering techniques to diagnose and treat heart problems.

Some of the cardiac surgery team at RSCH

Cardiac services

We diagnose and treat heart conditions with procedures that are as minimally invasive as possible.

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Cardiac rehabilitation at St Richard’s Hospital

Our rehab specialists at St Richard's Hospital in Chichester help people with heart problems to live heart healthy lifestyles.


Cardiac rehabilitation at Worthing and Southlands hospitals

Worthing Hospital's cardiac rehab specialists help people recover from a heart problem and live a healthy life.

Cardiac consultants

Find out more about our specialist cardiac consultants in our consultants directory.

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Cardiac patient resources

View our cardiology patient information leaflets.

Richard's life changing heart surgery at UHSussex

Read one patient's story about how our pioneering surgery changed his life.