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Council of Governors

Our Council of Governors acts as a link between University Hospitals Sussex members and the Trust Board. It promotes active membership, represents local views and stands as a ‘critical friend’ to the trust. It also appoints – and decides the remuneration of – the Trust’s Chair and the Non- Executive Directors, and approves the appointment of the Chief Executive.

University Hospitals Sussex has 11 elected public governors, five elected staff governors and five appointed governors.

Some of the public and staff positions are occupied by governors elected to the Western Sussex Hospitals council. The others will be filled by elections during the early part of 2021-22.

Elected public governors
Lyn Camps

Lyn Camps

Public Governor and Lead Governor: Arun District

“I am a busy Mum to 3 girls and following a 40 year career in “technology” as a business owner and senior manager, I retired and was invited to be a Governor at the Trust. I have held this role for 18 months and have been the Lead Governor for the last 6 months. With little NHS knowledge, I have been volunteering on a weekly basis on a ward at St Richard’s hospital, which has really increased my knowledge of the challenges for patients, staff and the Trust in general.

We are a group of 27 Governors from varying backgrounds but all with a love for the NHS.  Our main role is to be a critical friend to the Trust (a link between the public and the Trust) and to hold the Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to account.  We are extremely lucky in that the Trust is hugely supportive of the Governors and the role we play and we enjoy a very transparent relationship.  There is real commitment from both the Executive Team and the NEDs to ensure we are kept informed of proposed changes and are involved in many of the innovations the Trust are deploying such as Green Initiatives.  The Trust does not stand still which makes it an interesting place to be involved in.

It’s a fabulous, complex, creative, vibrant place to be involved in and completely addictive. I really look forward to continuing my role and supporting this “Outstanding” Trust.”

John Todd

John Todd

Public Governor: Adur District

“After a working life in scientific, management, senior management and consultancy roles, I retired in 2005 at the age of 60.

Since then I have served on Adur District and Worthing Borough Councils in a voluntary role as Independent Member on the Standards Committee alongside elected members.

Having been born at Southlands Hospital and a Shoreham resident I became a member of the Foundation Trust from the outset and subsequently offered myself for election as a Governor.

I was pleased and honoured to be elected and will do my utmost to support the Trust and represent the members’ best interests.”

Linda Tomsett

Linda Tomsett

Public Governor: Chichester District

“I have been a member of staff at St. Richards’ hospital for 30 years, starting in General Nursing and then  into Midwifery, from which I retired last year. However, I have returned to work a few hours ‘on the bank’ to continue to give my support where it is needed.

During my Midwifery career I have held senior posts in the community, on the labour ward as a Coordinator, as a Ward Manager and also as a ‘Supervisor of Midwives’.

Throughout these roles I have been proactive in facilitating, motivating and nurturing my colleagues in attaining their professional competencies, responsibilities and to feel proud to be contributing to this hospitals achievements and up holding its’ reputation.

These experiences have given me a greater understanding of the need to genuinely listen to people in order to appreciate their own prospective and incorporate a broader vision of ideas and common objectives. This will enhance my ability to actively and constructively consult with and challenge if necessary, the Board of Governors, when the Board are setting strategy and directing the work of the Trust.

It is because of these experiences that I feel I can bring many skills and above all an open mind to the role of Public Governor  as I wish to be instrumental in not just maintaining the Hospitals good reputation, but also in furthering this achievement.

I felt extremely privileged when I was elected as a Public Governor.”

Les Willcox

Les Willcox

Public Governor: Chichester District

I am a Chartered Engineer with 35 years’ experience in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. My early years were spent working on projects with a team of Engineers and Technicians on the development of designs for clients. As my career developed, I became a Senior Manager responsible for multi-discipline engineering teams and finally Director of Engineering. Being responsible for personnel did not only cover their job description, it sometimes included being a mentor to help them through a difficult period in their personal life outside the office. This can be very challenging. The responsibilities also included representing the company in the Government’s Young Enterprise Scheme. I worked with local schools helping students prepare for university and employment on completion of their studies. The companies Graduate Training Scheme was an interesting part of the work and involved visiting universities to select suitable applicants for the engineering disciplines. I worked offshore and overseas for a number of years, mainly in Norway, USA and the Middle Eastern countries. This period was very interesting and involved working with multi-national teams. Meeting and working with teams of people throughout my career helped me develop my listening skills so that I could consider other people’s solutions to problems and not just focus on my own proposal. Therefore, the experience I could bring to the Board of Governors would be my years spent working as a team member, with people in various scenarios and the capability to consider all solutions to a problem.

Pauline Constable

Pauline Constable

Public Governor: Worthing District

My name is Pauline Constable, I have lived in Worthing for 31 years. I recently retired from the Education Department of West Sussex County Council, where I was responsible for children’s safeguarding, through children’s school attendance and exclusion. I have volunteered with The Citizens Advice service and I am a Governor at Davison High School for Girls.

I and my family have experience of the Hospitals’ services either as patients or carers. We have always had excellent care and I am keen to help ensure that the Trust retains its “Outstanding” status.

Working with children and families I have developed strong communication skills that I believe will enable me to make a contribution to the work of the Trust as it faces the challenges of the future and to represent the views of the community.

I would particularly want to focus on:

– Supporting the Trust in improving the health and wellbeing of our community

– Improving communications between the Trust and patients and carers

– Helping ensure that the Trust delivers the best possible services to the people of Worthing

– Hold senior managers to account for their decisions through active participation in the work of the Council of Governors and the Trust.

As part of my work I have had contact with care professionals across the NHS. I believe I have a wealth of experience to bring to the role of Trust Governor and to the Trust and Community.”

Stuart Fleming

Stuart Fleming

(Appointed Governor) – out-of-area (including East Sussex)

“I was governor of WSHT from 2012/2015, and have continued on the Membership Committee, running events and seminars. I am very much “hands on” as a governor, I have volunteered at the hospitals during our busy times, and take the time to get patients opinions.

Having run my own business, starting in Care Homes it has grown through hard work, vision and re-investment. I am well placed to be a strong contact for the members and public.

My experience encompasses working for Mencap where I facilitated a campaign called “Treat me Right” raising awareness of learning disabled patients in the NHS. Following this campaign hospitals have been mandated to appoint a lead nurse for these patients. I have been a Registered Manager with The Care Quality Commission from 2006-2009 for The Queen Elizabeth Foundation.

I am skilled at taking an overview and working backwards from budget to ensure that the business is as efficient as possible allowing maximum re-investment benefiting patients and staff. I am keen to promote information technology’s positive benefits within the NHS.

I am a longstanding member of the Trust, attending seminars, workshops and have enjoyed meeting many other passionate foundation members, patients and staff. I truly believe that I have much to offer and would be delighted to work as a governor with the Trust.

Most importantly, I am a positive person, I always take an interest in individuals, their opinions and their experience of the service matter.”

Elections will be held to add two new governors from Brighton and Hove and two from Mid Sussex, and to fill a vacancy in the Horsham area created by the retirement of the current representative.

Elected staff governors
Anna Mathew

Dr Anna Mathew

(Associate Governor) – Worthing

Dr Anna Mathew has been a Consultant Paediatrician at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust over the last 20 years, and is based at Worthing Hospital. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).

Dr Mathew works with children right across the age range from newborns to adolescents up to their 18th birthday, and has a special interest in children with respiratory and neurological problems.

She also has a special interest in Medical Education and obtained her MA in Medical Education from the University of Brighton in 2009. She regularly mentors 6th form students in their bid to apply to medical schools, and is involved in training and educating the full range of medical professionals, covering medical students, postgraduate doctors, GP’s, nurses and allied health professionals.

Dr Mathew is also the Chair of the Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Clinical Examination (MRCPCH Clinical) and was the Chair of the Diploma in Child Health (DCH) Board for the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and sits on its Examinations Executive. She has led and participated in the postgraduate examinations of the RCPCH, both in the UK and internationally on several occasions.

Dr Mathew was a Governor in one of the local independent schools for 3 years relinquishing this role in around 2017.

Ryan De Vall

Ryan De-Vall

Staff Governor, St Richard’s

Hello, my name is Ryan De-Vall. I am Principal Speech & Language Therapist for Acute services at SRH and Worthing hospitals. Since 2013, I have been privileged to lead a dedicated team of therapists who strive to put our patients first. Leading and supporting colleagues is integral to my professional role, by teaching and supervising as part of a multi-disciplinary team, and also by advising and communicating with patients and carers.

As one of only 6 elected staff governors, I aim to provide an active and constructive contribution to the development of our Trust. I attend our Council of Governors meetings to represent the views of staff, provide feedback and hold directors to account. Excellent communication between staff and the Trust Board is crucial at a time when the NHS has never been under more scrutiny. Within the wider health economy, we are moving towards more connected acute and community services.

Being outstanding is something we can be proud of, and we must work together to continue to build on our achievements. There is always room for improvement, and by listening, we can learn from what can go wrong too.

I am an enthusiastic, fair and diplomatic person who has a strong sense of what needs to be done. As  a staff governor, I try to ensure that colleagues feel valued and supported. I am committed to developing and delivering high quality services for our patients.

Miranda Jose

Miranda Jose


I have been working for WSHT for four years now. I started as a Macmillan Clinical Support Worker and have recently taken over the role of Macmillan Information and Support Manager. I am also a long-term patient myself so I see things from both sides. Western Sussex Hospital Trust is a community of which I am exceptionally proud to be a part of. I am passionate about our outstanding trust but also about supporting and representing the patients whom we look after. I have lived in Worthing all my life so I understand that the trust is important not only to its patients and staff but also to the wider community as a whole. Being able to represent that as a member of the council of Governor’s would be an exciting, challenging but also fulfilling opportunity.

I believe we should all be proud of our trust and community and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the council of Governor’s, helping to support positive change to the benefit of staff and patients alike.

Elections will be held to add one additional staff governor representing colleagues at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and another for the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

Appointed governors

Sue Shanks

appointed by Brighton & Hove City Council

Varadarajan Kalidasan

appointed from the trust’s inclusion groups

Helen Rice

appointed from the voluntary sector (Age UK)

Professor Katherine Galvin

appointed by the University of Brighton School of Nursing and Midwifery

Cllt Mike Magill

appointed by west Sussex County Council

Our governors are typically involved in many areas beyond their statutory duties, such as:

  • Holding constituency meetings to communicate with members
  • Representing the views of members to the Trust Board
  • Developing and reviewing the membership strategy to ensure representation and engagement levels are maintained and increased as appropriate
  • Working with hospital volunteers
  • Giving talks to interested stakeholders

Council of Governors Meetings

Trust members and the public are normally welcome to attend our regular Council of Governors meetings. Unfortunately, these can’t be held in-person during the Covid-19 pandemic so we are broadcasting live video coverage for anyone to watch on Microsoft Teams. A link to the live feed will be posted on this page before each meeting.

Meeting dates for 2021/22 are as follows:

Venues to be confirmed

  • Thursday 20 May 2021: 12:30 – 2:30pm
  • Thursday 19 August 2021: 1 – 3 pm
  • Thursday 18 November: 1 – 3 pm
  • Thursday 17 February 2022: 2:30 – 4:30pm

Agendas and associated papers are added to this page one week before each meeting.


To make sure our decision making is open and transparent, all governors and Trust Board members must declare any business interests they have and any positions of authority they hold in a charity or voluntary body in the field of health and social care, or any other body contracting for NHS services.

This is to make sure any conflicts of interest are clear and can be managed according to our constitution.

University Hospitals Sussex governors’ interests

Governance information previous to April 2021

University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust was established on 1 April 2021 through the formal acquisition of Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH) by Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WSHFT), which then changed its name to reflect its new status.

Governance information about BSUH including Board papers, annual reports and meetings can be found on the bsuh.nhs.uk website.

The same information about University Hospitals Sussex during the period in which it was known as WSHFT can be found on the westernsussexhospitals.nhs.uk website.