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Your pregnancy

Community midwives

Community midwives provide antenatal and postnatal care in children’s centres and GP practices. We also run an award-winning homebirth service.

Book your care

It’s important to book your care early in your pregnancy. Many of the screening tests we offer need to be done before you are 13 weeks pregnant.

Early pregnancy unit

Our early pregnancy unit and early pregnancy assessment clinics see pregnant women people with pain and/or bleeding in early pregnancy.

Antenatal appointments and screening

When you meet your named midwife, you will plan your on-going care together. This will include regular appointments to check your and your baby’s health during pregnancy.

Pregnancy advice

There is a wealth of information available for pregnant women and people online. We recommend using websites that are endorsed by the NHS or national charities.

Antenatal education

We offer a range of free antenatal education sessions for all first time parents.

Potential complications in pregnancy

Most pregnancies are uneventful. If complications develop you will need extra care. Find information and support for pregnancy complications.

Twins and more

Finding out you are expecting more than one baby can be both exciting and overwhelming news. We will help you and your family prepare.