Information for researchers and healthcare professionals

Find out how we can help you to set up and run a research study, develop your ideas or apply for a range of clinical research training opportunities.

Is my study research?

How to determine if your project is research, audit, quality improvement or service evaluation.


Research can need a significant amount of resources. So you may need to apply for an external source of funding.

Supporting researchers

Whether you're interested in getting involved with a multi-centre research study, or thinking of designing your own research study here's what you need to know.

Regulatory requirements and approvals

How we can help you plan and prepare before you apply for your research approvals.

Study sponsorship

Every research project involving people and their data must have a sponsor – this page provides information about the active role the Trust takes in study sponsorship and in working with investigators to develop their research successfully.

Patient and public involvement

Benefits of involving those with a ‘lived experience’ of a disease, condition or healthcare service to help improve the quality of research by providing different perspectives to clinicians leading research.

Professional research career pathway

Find out more about the professional research career pathways available within UHSussex.

Letters of access and research passports

Understanding what Letters of Access and Research Passports are, why they are necessary and how to obtain them.

Research Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and associated documents

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and associated documents that are applicable to teams conducting research within the Trust.

Research training opportunities and other events

Calendar of events and training opportunities for promoting research and supporting local clinical staff.

Clinical research career pathway

Embedding research in your everyday practice to improve patient care, outcomes and experience.