Children’s services at Worthing and St Richard’s

View children's services at Worthing and St Richard's hospitals including emergency care, development clinics, pain service, surgery and more.

Accident and emergency

Information on attending our children's emergency departments at our hospitals.

Child development clinics

The Community Paediatrics team at Worthing Hospital run community clinics linking families with a range of specialists to support child development.

Children’s hearing services at St Richard’s Hospital

The children's audiology service at St Richard's Hospital is run by Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

Children’s hearing services at Worthing Hospital

Our children’s audiology team at Worthing Hospital assess and manage your child’s hearing and balance.

Chronic pain service

The children's chronic pain service at St Richard's hospital is for children experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain problems.


Our children's epilepsy service in Worthing and St Richard’s hospitals includes paediatricians and epilepsy specialist nurses.


Our neonatal service provides extra medical, surgical and nursing care to premature and sick newborn babies.


The children's physiotherapists at Worthing and St Richard's hospitals help children manage their condition with physiotherapy support.


Our children's respiratory service in Worthing includes paediatricians and respiratory specialist nurses.


The children's rheumatology service at St Richard's Hospital helps children with auto inflammatory joint and muscle disease.

Bluefin Day Unit Ward

Bluefin Day Unit is a children's ward at Worthing Hospital.


Bluefin Ward for children and young inpatients is at Worthing Hospital.

Howard Ward

Howard Ward is for children and young inpatients at St Richard's Hospital.