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Children’s services at The Alex

View all our services for children and young people at the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (The Alex) in Brighton.

Accident and emergency

The Alex has a dedicated children's A&E for emergency care.


The acute children's outreach nursing team, known as ACORN, support your child after their visit to the emergency department at The Alex.

Arts psychotherapy

Art psychotherapy can help you and your child to process their emotions and psychological needs following their diagnosis and treatment.

Audiology for children

Our children’s audiology team specialise in the assessment and management of your child’s hearing and balance.

Blood tests for children

Children’s blood appointments are on Level 5 Outpatients in the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital by our phlebotomists who have worked with children for years.

Community nursing

The Alex's Children at Home Nursing team provide specialist nursing care for children with complex conditions.

Cystic Fibrosis

The Cystic Fibrosis team includes consultants, nurse specialists, physiotherapists, pharmacists, dietitians and psychologists.


The children's dentistry service provides advice and treatment for children with special medical or dental needs.


Our children's dietetics help babies and children up to the age of 19 years old to eat and drink well.

Dermatology for children

The children's dermatology team diagnose and treat skin problems. They also work closely with the allergy team.

Diabetes in children

The diabetes team cares for children with Type 1 Diabetes from diagnosis up to the age of 19 years old.


Our specialist children's epilepsy team includes paediatricians and the epilepsy nurse service.

Function first

Improving symptoms by exploring the link between the mind and body.

Mental health liaison

The children's mental health liaison team help young people referred from the children's emergency department access mental health support.


Our neonatal baby units provide special care to babies who need it and support for their families.

Ophthalmology for children

Our children’s eye service treats children with many different conditions that affect vision and the eyes.


Our consultants specialise in treating children with bone and joint problems. They also manage the virtual fracture clinic.

Paediatric medicine

The medicine team support our inpatient care, manage the emergency department and run specialist clinics and services for a range of conditions.

Paediatric surgery

Our state of the art theatres and dedicated children's surgical team look after children having minor and major operations.


Our children's physiotherapists help children with conditions that affect their movement or body. They work closely with other teams for a holistic approach.

Play team

Our qualified play specialists help children have a more positive hospital experience and they help with any worries they may have.

Private patients

The Alex children's hospital in Brighton offers private patient services for surgery, allergies and dietetics.

Respiratory medicine and allergies

Children with allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions are cared for by our dedicated specialist team.

Speech and language therapy (SALT)

Our speech and language therapists help children who have difficulties with communication or eating.

More information and support with our patient leaflets

Search and find our patient information leaflets on a range of children's health conditions, care and treatment.